Are you expected to be Superwoman?

You are many things to many people. Yet being a hero doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice yourself.

I get it. There is so much to do and not enough time to manage everything that life throws at you. Expectations from others and yourself insist that you can and will do it all. You often feel guilty and torn because when you are at work or running your business, you are thinking about your family or personal life. When you are with your family you are thinking about everything you “SHOULD” be doing. You feel overwhelmed to do it all well. It’s hard to relax and be present. Continuing at this pace will leave you burned out, unbalanced, and spiritually or emotionally empty. Our soul gets dehydrated when we are giving, serving and being everything to everyone?

It’s time to reclaim the essence of YOU – your passions, your dreams, your voice, your courage, your direction, your body, health and your sexy spark.

I work with women who are ready to uplevel and be the leader of their lives and embody their sacred purpose.  I also personally coach women through their own skepticism,  resistance and jealousy to  introduce them to their own channel of wisdom in order to breakthrough to what’s next.  I help women reclaim their true essence by guiding them  past their inner voices of inadequacy, comparison, guilt and scarcity that says you can’t or don’t or won’t have the life you want. I help women shed their shitty list of shoulds, get clarity on their visions, hold boundaries, stand in their power and worth,  take action, and accept all parts of themselves. I help women earn the money they dream of making doing work that impacts and fills up their soul.  I help women emerge with a voice so strong they can’t help but….sing.

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